I hope you guys had a good Christmas and are having a good break or absence of one! I just looked at my stats and relized I haven’t posted in nearly a month… oi… I have been busy… totally not making excuses here… totally… So I will likely not be posting much as I am […]

Ah yes updates…

So as some people know It was thanksgiving not every long ago. I had a busy week for that then a busy week after! It was fun. Now Christmas is on its way. I want to do a story about that but it might not really go well or even get longer then a few […]

The Beings

(here is an update: I am a slow person… And it was a busy holiday… I have no shame!)
This is another random short story that probably has no ending!

Fishy Characters!

Matt ~ other MC The dude ~ Matt’s friend His mom ~ the friend of Matt’s mom The fish ~ the MC The Figure ~ silent figure who collected the fish, tall The visiter ~ the cat knows who this is, quiet Kitty ~ the cat, social, likes to eat The dog ~ loud and […]

Chapter 3 ~Hospitals and Caves

~ Matt ~ It has taught me everything about the world it knows but there is still so much I don’t understand. The lake of this place is even considered small while I saw it as the largest amount of water that could be formed… I woke up, and the dream was so vivid with […]

Yes another update…

So I have another short story that is getting longer I will probably post it before December if I get bored. Along with that the short story competition is done the 21st of this month. I really have done more this month then ever… I’m saying that I have an excuse… I really don’t though. […]