Books Ive been into

Theres a good range of books that I have read this year (2019). From gardening to fantasy to even horror. That was a shocker for me. Never thought I would read a horror. I don’t remember every one I did read but those I do and can hopefully find links for will be below! -enjoy- […]

Terrifying things insue.

Soooo as this title might imply I just found a thing. And no I did not find it myself… Boyinaband did waaaaaaaay more research then I probably ever have and just informed me of the extent that a i has gotten too and some rules that are keeping us safe (for now). And yes I […]

Ah the amount of effort in NaNoWrimo

I named it “Good Question” bet I didn’t have any idea for a name (nvm its below! Just never put it on their website). I need to find the rest of my planning. I know I had something at least. I do have sticky notes of situations that I wanted to put in and some […]

NaNoWrimo 2019 -no go hehe

I am for the first time very uninterested in trying to write any kind of story long or short for nanowrimo… More like I forgot about it and now its suddenly December and my life is pure chaos but that’s fine.. Also this will most likely be around Christmas (nvm on Christmas when actually edit […]

Writing a Story, backwards… why…

Well that was an experience. I quite enjoyed it as well. I honestly had no idea why my brain wanted a foul smelling box to be a prompt since I had nothing to go forward off of. It kind of turned super gardeny at one point too haha. Hope you enjoy (Each section is made […]