Time on the Internet

Recently I went through emails. Long story short I went through a little time of emotional turmoil in memory of past reads and online conversations through WordPress comments and the like from over two years ago. I have always loved the way WordPress worked since I could surf the comments in search of other authors […]

Small update

Just for knowledge factors is there a need to make the site more organized? I realized that the more recent posts have been left floating in only the feed and have no easy way to get to them through a drop down or anything. Should that be fixed or is it fine? If you check […]

Lost in Thought – story

Rain came down in the most typical manner. Rain here is typical. Never seeming to end. Ever since I was little I would look up at the sky, from the safety of a room of course, and watch each drop fall, and fall, and fall. Now again I get to watch the rain. But now […]

The outdoors 😅

Its crazy to think that all of the things happening with the environment right now are under debate. Teens and adults, even children and out fighting for rights that shouldn’t even need to be fought for. Clean air Healthy clean food Drinking water Nature itself How has all that nature provided suddenly become something taken […]

Anything stuck together

By the way; If you see anything you want to use as a story starter feel free. I would appreciate credit for what is due, kinda nice you know. Leires? MMO NewLand Compleate (little pieces of random info maybe about people going missing in NewLand The origional who never were found? Seemed like random muggings/muerters […]

Ranting again – On farming and Minimalism

Well less of a rant then normal? Anyway I have the last while been a lot more interested in sharing opinions and such rather than fiction stories… Maybe I should learn how to incorporate this into stories so it can be heard… Anyway! So I have been a tad attached to Minimalism ideas for a […]