On Plants

I don’t think I ever realized how complex plants are. Seriously! They are able to respond to light, touch, daylight length, and so many things! Here is a story: The potato sat calmly in the ground. It sent feelers deep into the ground, and move above into the air. The soil here was nice, full […]

Just a little update since Im lazy

Why Hello, I currently am getting back into practice reading. I set down the hobby for a while since I usually end up spending all my free time reading otherwise. Yes, I have been productive in ways outside of writing. Yes, I miss reading greatly. Im going back to reading until I need to do […]

Its been 4 years

Its crazy to think that as of a few days ago I’ve been using this for 4 years. So here is a weird story: It was time for school to begin. So I made my way onto campus. Instead of everything being normal, or a new normal (quarantine) people were acting completely normal while standing […]

On the topic of Movies

If anyone knew this already I like sewing… And pretty much any crafty hobby out there. Aka metal work, sewing, typical art stuff, writing, the way to cut hair without it looking like a toddler could have done better… all that jazz. Oh and Jazz. Not that I have any knowledge of how to actually […]

A budding question

I have noticed a interesting trend lately (the last year or so). I get a like on a post from an account and the site linked to that user has mostly images. Mine you, when a like is made the owner of the site can see your username and if you have a website. Also, […]

Surrounding “SuperSizeMe”

(I use Big Chicken instead of specifics so I am less likely to be tagged. I also do not have the best time keeping names separate in my head and don’t wish to mess up information. All things said with Big Chicken mean restaurants that are supplied, chicken dealers, loan suppliers of the industry, etc. […]

One Interesting Documentary

(This screenshot is due to an email inquiry surrounding the Holy Chicken restaurant in Canada mentioned below. I couldn’t figure out how to put the image any lower so sorry!) Alrighty… So in my last post thingy I tested crap.. We will see if I can take that down in a month or so after […]

Well there is a new editor in town

No I dont mean a person. WordPress just offered the ability to use a new editing ware then what they previosly had to write this post… One think I will say is I hate change. Especially when it comes with software I have spent 3 or 4 years getting to know.

Random nonsense?

In the country of Poisons and Drink live many expert craftsmen. Excellent temples fill the cities and all kinds of crafters litter the shops and streets. Rex was wandering in the woods. He had gotten quite lost. Finally after having gone in a circle for the seventh time he decided to follow the tree moss. […]

Actually a quick update

Y’all why are people from multiple countries actually reading some of this crap I put out? Seriously, Italy? Canada? USA? Like I know everyone has access to the internet… But I never expected that when I started writing crap that people from other countries would take interest and actually read my stuff. I have met […]