Farmers Tale

A continuation of that random backstory!


Farm in the Wild

Short story wArnIng ⚠️ (All of them tennd to be short storys though…)   A few acers of land were cleared. Just a few no more than ten. Surrounding these acers was a thick forest with russling leaves and the chatter of birds. It was impossible to see the ground once entered due to the thick […]

Time for an update!

So as of this week I am out of pages… for NaNoWrimo… yeah I started page 5 back in November and haven’t touched it in quite a while. (I think I turned the notification thing off on them too and I am not quite sure how…) I need to kick my butt into writing mode […]

Change of Pace (page 4)

  “~Allysa~” “Hmm?” I am awake! Hey why am I being poked? “Wh~what?~” Shelby was poking me and trying to get my attention. “~The teacher was about to notice you sleeping~Are you alright? You mumbled something about a and b makes c~” Shelby looked at me with a confused expression. Well that explains my confusion. […]

Change of Pace (page 3)

“Welcome miss…” The teacher is giving handshakes to everyone who entered the room… “Allysa.” He shook my hand and faced the door again with his clipboard. Seems like there is no attendance call in here. Good luck late people… Hahaha hopefully not me tomorrow. The boy I bumped into earlier is in this class too… […]