Demon King’s Aids

I really like this little short thus far, I think it could become something larger potentially, but eh likely wont. Feel free to run with this starter as long as ya send me a link so I can read it too!!! I know the grammar and such are off, twas written in haste before the […]

A update

Hi, hello, and good times to you. I am in fact not dead, nor gone from the internet. I do still ponder over what to do with Twin Tailed, along with having weird dreams I kinda want to turn into short stories. However I have not been wanting to write, perhaps its this period, perhaps […]

Chp 1 – Short tailed: rumors on the run

Just after Little Scotch opened for the morning, the diner started to fill with morning walkers and business workers trying to sneak in a meal before work, people quickly came and went, and in no time the first rush of the morning was near its end. As the seats started to empty a young man […]

Intro – Short tailed

Jorden sat at his desk writing a note for his new secretary Lori. She had come in earlier that week after he realized that one man was no longer enough to handle all the emails, bills, calls, and conferences that had started growing two years ago. She seemed decent enough, likely overqualified but even over […]

Book in a period of writing – Short tailed

Why hello anyone who reads these, I in fact am working on a book, and have realized that planning is being helpful which feels weird. Currently the story follows a man named Kal. It goes through a period of his life and some of the stories of those people around him. Once I finish editing […]

Welcome to 2022!

Hi Hi! I’ve been doing a lot of reading and streaming actually this year. I have the time to be playing around a bit before getting back into a more structured time again for a few months… Going to be a big jump XD. Some interesting reads over the last few months: Blunt Type Ogre […]

Random news I just learned about!

Not sure if anyone from England has ever stumbled upon my lovely site, but learning about the buying and lending system there is a bit terrifying. For my current understanding: Summary: The housing system is set up so that the builder and seller have no way of being charged for misconduct of building a super […]

PlantPure Nation & Kissing the Ground

In face of new knowledge from 6 years ago (that I learned this week) I must share. Summary: People in government are backed by strong money and systems that do not want to change, but are negatively effecting peoples health and the environment. By eating whole foods: nuts, fruits, vegetables, legumes, and whole grains, we […]