Tired Mind

Many times in life I have been stuck between motivation and fatigue. It is an odd road to travel, as every step is weighted down by every thought and idea, yet also pushed forward by the want for those ideas to come true. I am unsure. More and more often I feel pressured into stagnation […]

Bedbugs – a tiny story

I was sitting on my bed yesterday… I think I may have an infestation. No no, hear me out Mark! Im TELLING you! … I swear don’t walk away from me! We have bugs in the stinking BED! We sleep on that thing!! … Fine fine, don’t respond. UGH, why do you need to go […]

Fun Views – Countries

So I get to see from where in the world people view my site from right? Well with VPN’s and all that it may not be accurate, but I find this interesting, so here ya go. Fun WordPress stats: 2016 USA Indonesia Philippines UK Malaysia Sweden Australia Canada  Thailand 2017 USA Canada Netherlands Germany Bulgaria […]


I am still learning so much. To what regard should I share myself? How open is too open, or open enough? Yes I know, seemingly endless dumb questions are within me. However, I have been learning more and more about self expression, loving not just the good about myself, but embracing the bad, sad, and […]


Sitting down in the darkness, emotions sweeping over me. It has been so long since I let them flow. The room lays dark and dormant, waiting for spring. Wind and tears flow in the darkness. Leaving places is so hard, yet it leads to new times, new experiences, new joys. Leaving times is harsh, memories […]

Quick idea

Would y’all like a post that consolidates some videos about game making together? Im trying to get into some design stuff, I have a few game ideas in my head and I want that outlet! I have a few save on YouTube at the moment, but I could pull in some articles and such as […]

Likely not Dead

Haha! No I am not dead, as much as you may have not thought. Life has been insane and I got into a small indie game called Stein.world which is just a “little” web based mmo (massive multiplayer online) with graphics similar to Stardew Valley. Be warned, it is a grind. Its been a weird […]

A short story – Fishing

Bob and Dillon where the best of buds they had ever know people could be. They sat around fires, fished, and grilled those fish together… Perhaps the order is a little off. But they were the best buddies ever. Until yesterday, that is. Bob decided to enter the dating pool two weeks before, full of […]


I tend to try and avoid writing about me. Who I am may be easy to infer, it may be hard, but I like to remain slightly a mystery. Today I realized that a huge part of me needed to be mentioned. Because as you all know, or I hope know, we are in a […]

Quick Update – Book suggestion

I have been reading a lovely series called the Wandering Inn. Be forewarned, the volumes are extremely long compared to typical books. (I am on volume 5 currently, I will happily talk anyones ear off about this book who reads it) Also an interesting book that I read a long time ago seems to have […]