To tell the truth I had compleatly forgotten I have a website… I have done a bit more on my story but it is pretty bad and it does not flow what so ever! I also have been focused on catching up to alot of the storys I have fallen behind in like In Regards […]

A month later…

Well that is sad… It took me a month to realize I forgot about my story! Anyway I have two more half-ish pages. I really need to start typing things out rather then using a notebook… I will be dead for about another day or week probably BUT! First I can create a story starter […]


So I have been reading from coatl45’s site… Anyone should check it out!!! They have great writings… Anyway I just use lol to much… Not in postings usually but it does pop up just when I write my own stuff. New story coming along. Have around 6 half pages? More like two filled ones but […]

Spinning in Circles

An average day. An average hour. That was the start of something… Something unearthly.   I sat at my desk just like I did every morning. The sweet girl in the kitchen brought some fresh… or mostly fresh… coffee in. “Miss Ruby would you like some coffee today?” She curtsied towards me with a slight […]

Welcome to more Updates…

Happy Easter/Passover or whatever is celebrated in other places this last week! I have been dead. Pony has been dead. But I am trying to read and write again!!!! I do not think people relize how hard it is to write when the only thing you are reading is Social Science… yeah that is annoying… […]

Different fish continued

Recap: The net left me there and went back to the tank catching two others and putting them with me in the tiny tank. They swam quickly around and into the sides trying to get back to the school. The tank lid was put back in place keeping us out and the other fish in. Than […]