Likely not Dead

Haha! No I am not dead, as much as you may have not thought. Life has been insane and I got into a small indie game called which is just a “little” web based mmo (massive multiplayer online) with graphics similar to Stardew Valley. Be warned, it is a grind. Its been a weird […]

A short story – Fishing

Bob and Dillon where the best of buds they had ever know people could be. They sat around fires, fished, and grilled those fish together… Perhaps the order is a little off. But they were the best buddies ever. Until yesterday, that is. Bob decided to enter the dating pool two weeks before, full of […]


I tend to try and avoid writing about me. Who I am may be easy to infer, it may be hard, but I like to remain slightly a mystery. Today I realized that a huge part of me needed to be mentioned. Because as you all know, or I hope know, we are in a […]

Quick Update – Book suggestion

I have been reading a lovely series called the Wandering Inn. Be forewarned, the volumes are extremely long compared to typical books. (I am on volume 5 currently, I will happily talk anyones ear off about this book who reads it) Also an interesting book that I read a long time ago seems to have […]

Final Thoughts

(No not the last post of this blog thing) November has come and has gone (by the time you read this at least… unless its a new year XD ). People have come and gone, seasons have left, and the cold is seeping into the house. Literally this place is so cold I swear. But […]

Days at a time

It is so easy to want to rush forward in time. To want to go until something that has been anticipated is reached. I have been reminded that each moment is a moment worth holding. Every second that goes by, each smile seen, and each good chat are precious. When I forget to hold onto […]

Tiring Times

The times that are occurring can feel never ending. The days pull into weeks, weeks into months, and months into even years. It can be helpful to stay grounded in something. Maybe it is going for a walk, tending a pet, or having a hobby. Without things grounding you in reality it can feel like […]

Giving Names

It is amazing how scary some things can be. As a kid maybe it was the monster under the bed, something moving at night, or the weird cry of something in the distance. When we name the monster Jerry, and claim it is a teddybear or the family dog, it suddenly isn’t scary. When the […]

Measurement of Growth

The weather has been very out of season for a while, today I was hit with a wave of nostalgia. A few years ago I was sitting on a porch at the first hint of morning, the weather was warm with a cool wind coming in from the water. It felt refreshing sitting and watching […]