When I actually learn to write

A semi redo of a world of change piece. It has been too long!


Ramblings of the dead

“You thought you could just walz in without me noticing!” Patter patter “I am the one who found no founded this place” mutter “How dare you think any thing here is here for the taking!” An old soul slipped in and out of the wall franticly shouting then quietly muttering. The contrast as clear as […]

World of Change (Chapter 6)

Chapter 6   Once many years ago, I was created. I was the first creation of this planet’s maker, The Experimenter. It called me Iceon and sent me to Earth where humans originally came from, it told me to bring humans to a planet it was going to make for them, but I was told […]

World of Change (Chapter 5)

You know what… I should just post this! And I am almost 2 years later… I will get 6 out next week Chapter 5 The cave seemed to be bright, at least compared to the first time he was here. Reece looked at the hidden door and grumbled in discomfort, his stomach was growling and […]

More book?! The Farmish one

Quickly stuck tried to jump on it, however before he even managed three steps it had turned and started to run towards him with the quickly growing horns on its head. Not seeing the horns Stuck jumped out of the way just as it ran past. As the boar beast turned again he noticed the […]

And why nothing?

Sooo I wrote the farming story to page 8 I said correct? True but it is on paper… And I on the first page struggled to read my handwritting… XD Yeah… also busy now! Anyway when I have time I will work on it but I need to keep the paper with me! I keep […]